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  • Financial Assistance


Our fund has selected the Austin Women’s Health Center as our 2017 recipient for all donations we receive throughout the year. As we raise money in 2017 we will send the money directly to the Austin Women’s Health Center to help the women they serve cover the cost of their abortion.

If you have an appointment scheduled with the Austin Women’s Health Center please contact them directly to see if they have any money available from the Make A Difference Fund donations to help you cover the cost of your abortion at their clinic. Their contact information is: (512) 443-2888 or Toll Free (800) 252-7016 and the website is:

We wish you the very best and appreciate you checking with our fund for assistance.

About Make a Difference Fund

The Make A Difference Fund is an all-volunteer organization that helps women all across the United States cover the cost of an abortion. The volunteers and individuals who generously donate their time and money to the MADF support reproductive healthcare for all and believe access to safe abortion care is an important part of reproductive healthcare.

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Each year, the Make A Difference Fund helps over 200 women afford to pay for an abortion.

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