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Everyone Loves Someone
Who Had an Abortion

Everyone Loves Someone Who Had an Abortion

Illustrated by Molly Crabapple
Narrated by Padma Lakshmi

Access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion, largely depends on where you live and how much money you have. But abortion funds are taking the hassle, hustle, and harassment out of healthcare by helping people all across our network access and fund abortions.

Abortion funds have been navigating the difficult terrain of trying to get an abortion for a long time, and have decades of wisdom and experience assisting people with compassion and care. Abortion funds are the experts in direct service across widely varying cultural and political geographies.

We’re uniquely powerful because we’re pushing cultural and political change at local, regional, and national levels. Abortion funds are united as a network of organizations that are funding abortion and building power for everyone to have access to resources and support for ALL reproductive options.

While we don’t always know what political changes tomorrow will bring, we will always work to provide a safety net of care. As fierce as abortion funds are, we need more support from people like you who care about making abortion accessible.

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