Fundraise for the National Network of Abortion Funds

Fundraise for the National Network of Abortion Funds

When it comes to abortion, legality will never be enough. Abortion funds support people in overcoming obstacles to abortion access everyday precisely because Roe has never been enough to guarantee true abortion access. 

We need a movement of engaged and informed people working diligently for abortion access more than ever. 

You can take action by fundraising for NNAF in one or more of the following ways: 

1. Start a Facebook fundraiser
It doesn’t need to be your birthday to start a Facebook fundraiser. In 2019, when statewide abortion bans were introduced across the country, supporters like you raised more than $150,000 for abortion funds through Facebook fundraisers. Our Facebook Fundraiser Toolkit includes instructions, a cover photo, and sample messages to get you started. 

2. Host a fundraiser
From house parties to bake sales to virtual events, there are a number of ways to fundraise for abortion funds. Our Fundraising Toolkit has talking points, resources, and a graphics folder that you can use to talk about our work and make your fundraiser visible. 

3. Fundraise using Instagram
There are few ways to fundraise using Instagram. One way is to add a donate button to your stories. Share why funding abortion is important to you and invite your friends and family to donate. If you’re not sure how to add a donation button to your stories, click here for instructions.