Fast Facts About Abortion Funds - National Network of Abortion Funds
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The National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) was founded in 1993 by 22 independent abortion funds.

Now the network has 100 abortion funds, all working together to support abortion seekers and build power for political and cultural change. 

Use this resource to understand how local funds support people seeking abortions and strengthen the abortion justice movement. Learn how you can take action and join them.

What is an Abortion Fund?

Abortion funds are organizations that directly support people seeking abortions.

Some funds provide money for abortion procedures. Others help arrange travel, childcare, food, and supplies. Many abortion funds offer other services related to reproductive health and justice in their communities.

Curious to learn more? Keep reading to learn other vital facts about abortion funds.

Each individual abortion fund decides how to best operate in their community. This is why abortion funds are different from one another! Individual abortion funds collaborate with each other at local, regional, national, and international levels to support people who want abortions. This collective work makes abortion funds uniquely impactful when building power to fight for cultural and political change.

In the U.S., the average price of a first-trimester abortion is between $500 and $600. Second-trimester abortions become more expensive by the week.*

Abortion funds know this cost is a massive barrier to abortion.

Funds that offer financial support help people pay for their abortion procedure. This money isn’t a loan and doesn’t need to be repaid.

*This information is from the Planned Parenthood blog. Always confirm costs with your clinic.

Cost isn’t the only barrier to abortion access. Many of the people most impacted by abortion restrictions must overcome more than one obstacle. To meet this need, some abortion funds provide logistical support.

This support includes help with transportation, childcare, lodging, translation services, abortion doulas, and more.

When an abortion fund is not able to fully assist an abortion seeker, they work with other funds to raise money and provide logistical support. This collaborative approach ensures people who want abortions receive the most help possible.

Funds also work together across regions to help abortion seekers who must travel to access abortion.

The abortion access landscape is difficult and constantly changing. But abortion funds have decades of experience ensuring people can get the abortion they want and need.

These years of experience mean abortion funds are adept at navigating abortion barriers and providing a safety net of care for abortion seekers.

It also means that funds are skilled at bringing compassion to their work and building power in their fight for Reproductive Justice.

Abortion funds are at the forefront of abortion access in their communities. They recognize the needs of the people they support and help them overcome barriers to abortion specific to their state or situation.

The local expertise and connections of abortion funds build the National Network of Abortion Fund’s collective power.

NNAF is a Network of Member Abortion Funds

Every year, abortion funds in the NNAF member network receive tens of thousands of calls from abortion seekers.

Our member abortion funds report that they have the resources to provide support to only one-third of their callers. 

This low number shows abortion funds need more financial resources. Abortion funds have the knowledge and systems to support abortion seekers. But their work is limited by the amount of money they have in the bank.

Keep reading to learn how you can help NNAF support our member abortion funds. 

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How to Support Abortion Funds

The staff and volunteers of abortion funds in the NNAF network are fierce and knowledgeable, but they need support from people who care about abortion justice.

People like you.  

Here are four ways you can help make abortion access a reality for everyone.


Every year, NNAF leads two grassroots fundraising events: Fund-a-Thon and the Taco or Bev Challenge. Both events are important ways to support local abortion funds while raising money and awareness for abortion access. Bonus: Fund-a-Thon and the Taco or Bev Challenge are fun! Show up for abortion funds and fundraise for abortion access. Join the next Fund-a-Thon and Taco or Bev Challenge.



Many abortion funds are run by volunteers. These volunteers support abortion seekers and abortion access by answering phone calls, driving people to appointments, coordinating fundraising events, and more. Find your local abortion fund with Find A Fund. Then search for their general email or contact form. Use these to contact the abortion fund about volunteering. *Important:* Don’t use a fund’s intake form or hotline for volunteering questions. Those resources are for abortion seekers.

Find a Fund


The National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) and member abortion funds work to make abortion access a reality for everyone. Whether you choose to donate to a specific local fund or give to all abortion funds in the NNAF network, you’re supporting abortion access.

Build power. Donate today.


Join the National Network as an individual member and “anchor” your membership with a local abortion fund. As an individual member, you’ll have access to ongoing training and education from NNAF, support local abortion funds, and add momentum to our national fight for abortion justice. Our pro-abortion movement is about busting stigma and spreading joy, so all new members receive an “Everyone Loves Someone Who Had An Abortion” shirt. And the gifts keep coming. You’ll get one every year your membership is renewed. 

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Want Help Getting An Abortion?

At NNAF, we know that seeking an abortion can be complex, and we’re here to provide the resources you need. Visit Need an Abortion and find resources to get started.

Need an Abortion?
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