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Fund-a-Thon season is here! Visit the Fund-a-Thon page and learn how to support the abortion fund in your area.

Twenty-two local abortion funds founded the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF). Today, 100 member funds in our network continue to support abortion seekers and work to make abortion accessible for all. 

We’re thankful you’re also interested in building power and funding abortions, but we’re taking a break from adding new funds to our network. Applications will open again in the Spring of 2024. 

Keep reading to get important tips before starting an abortion fund, learn the application process for established funds, and prepare to join NNAF. 

Tips for Starting New Abortion Funds

Do you see a need in your community for a new abortion fund? Read these important tips first.

Starting a new abortion fund might seem like a great idea. Still, new funds can pull vital resources and power from already established abortion funds.

And that means those funds might not be able to support abortion seekers effectively.

Read The ‘Auntie Network’ is Creative, But… to learn why supporting existing funds is essential.

Determine the services the community lacks, and develop partnerships with local abortion funds and abortion justice organizations. Work together to support the needs of local folks.

What if existing funds don’t represent the needs of your community?

There are 100 abortion funds in the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF). These grassroots organizations exist in almost every state and are impressive in their work.

But at NNAF, we understand that established abortion funds might not fulfill the needs of your community or represent the people who live there.

If you’re a group of organizers led by Black, Indigenous, or People of Color, and you see a gap in support or the need for a new approach in your community, email

We can help determine if starting an abortion fund is the right choice.

Email Fund Membership

Even though the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) can’t help start funds right now, we can still provide information about abortion funds. And we can connect you with member funds in our network.

Get more resources about starting an abortion fund.

Connect with abortion funds in the NNAF network*.

  • Find local abortion funds. Visit Find a Fund.This page only includes abortion funds that work with NNAF. Other funds exist outside this network.

*Abortion funds prioritize abortion seekers. Response times for non-urgent questions may be slow.

Information for Established Abortion Funds

If you are an established abortion fund that wants to join the National Network of Abortion Funds: Thank you for your interest! Email for more information.

We’ll start accepting new member funds in Spring 2024.