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Abortion funds provide the financial and logistical support you need to get the abortion you want. Use this resource page to connect with abortion funds, find trustworthy clinics, understand Medicaid abortion coverage, and more.

Ready to Plan Your Abortion?
Follow These Steps:

Some insurance companies offer abortion coverage as a benefit. If you have insurance, call and ask if abortion is covered. You can usually find their number on the back of your insurance card or online.

If abortion is covered, ask for an in-network clinic and make an appointment.

If you have Medicaid (government insurance), click the button below or visit Additional Resources: Abortion Access, Abortion & Medicaid to learn if Medicaid covers abortion in your state.

Abortion & Medicaid

Before you search for funding, make an appointment for an abortion at a clinic or with a telehealth provider. Schedule an appointment even if you’re unsure how to pay for it. Clinics don’t charge for rescheduling.

In the U.S., the average price of a first-trimester abortion (up to 12 weeks) is between $500 and $600. In the second trimester, that amount increases weekly and can go as high as $2,000*. These prices vary and can change by location, so call different clinics to find which one costs the least.

Tell the clinic if you can’t afford to pay for an abortion. Ask if they offer any discounts. Many clinics provide extra financial assistance.

*These numbers are from the Planned Parenthood blog. Always confirm costs with your clinic.

Click the button below to learn more.

Extra Financial Assistance

Abortion funds don’t usually have the money to cover the entire cost of your abortion. So it’s important to know how much you can contribute.

When adding up the cost of your abortion, remember to include the price of practical needs like travel, lodging, lost wages, and childcare.

Don’t have much? Don’t worry. Abortion funds will do everything possible to get you the support you need, including working together.

Learn more about abortion funds at Fast Facts About Abortion Funds.

Fast Facts About Abortion Funds

Visit the NNAF Find a Fund page to search for a local or national abortion fund that can help you cover the cost of your abortion or arrange for logistical support, like travel and childcare.

Ready to find an abortion clinic? Use the outside resource I Need an A to search for and find abortion clinics. Get answers to your questions about what to expect when arranging an abortion.

Find an Abortion Fund

Search for abortion funds that work directly with abortion seekers, assist with payment, and offer logistical support.

Tip: Contact every fund you find. There may be more than one fund that can help you get the abortion you want and need.

Find a Fund

I Need an A

I Need an A is a trustworthy outside resource that will answer your questions about abortion. Learn about making an appointment, checking for insurance coverage, and other details you should know when arranging an abortion.

I Need an A

Additional Resources:
Abortion Access

Do you want to understand a confusing abortion term or learn more about finding a trustworthy clinic? Maybe you’d like tips on contacting an abortion fund or securing extra financial assistance. Read these additional resources for more information about those topics and more.

Abortion & Medicaid

Use this guide to find out if Medicaid covers abortion in your state. Learn about eligibility and how to apply.

Learn About Abortion and Medicaid

Extra Financial Assistance

Some clinics offer financial assistance to their patients. Others give discounts based on income. Learn about the options for extra financial support and find out if you’re eligible.

Find Extra Financial Assistance

Find an Abortion Clinic You Can Trust

Every abortion clinic is different. Use these resources to search for a safe clinic, and read our advice for finding a good provider.

Find a Clinic You Can Trust

Common Questions about Abortions and Abortion Funds

Do you have questions about abortions and abortion funds? Find the answers and resources you need here.

See Common Questions

Tips for Contacting a Fund

Abortion funds are often run by volunteers or limited staff, so response times and contact systems can vary. Use this guide to learn what to expect and the best ways to get in touch with an abortion fund.

Read the Tips

NNAF Glossary

Use this go-to source to define any unfamiliar or confusing abortion or abortion justice terms.

Read the Glossary
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