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Toward a Common Goal: Abortion Access For All

A lighter-skinned person with shoulder-length dark wavy hair shouts into a megaphone at a protest or rally. All around them are other abortion advocates, holding signs that read: “Fund abortion now!” and “Fund abortion Build Power!”.

What is the National Network of Abortion Funds?

NNAF is a network of 100 abortion funds. Abortion funds are grassroots organizations that support people seeking abortion access. Together, we’re organizing at the crossroads of racial, economic, and reproductive justice.

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An abortion fund can help. Search our list of funds, get tips for finding a clinic, understand Medicaid coverage, and more.

Need an Abortion?
A person with light brown skin and long, wavy hair wearing large gold hoop earrings and a cap sleeve pink dress sits in their home, with their child on the couch behind them. They are talking on the phone to an abortion fund hotline operator, pictured in an inset circle. The abortion fund worker has light brown skin and a stick straight bob, and sits in front of a computer with a “fund abortion” sticker on the case.

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