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Learn How to Talk to the People You Love About Abortion

Three people are gathered around a kitchen table, working together on a written list. On the left, holding the pen and paper, is a dark-skinned person with short, defined curls loose around their face, wearing a patterned t-shirt. Next to them is a person with medium brown skin and shoulder length curls, wearing a necklace and a v-neck tank top. On the right side, looking at the person writing the list, is a masculine-presenting person with light skin and short dark hair in a t-shirt and a backwards baseball cap.

Heart-to-Heart Conversation Toolkits teach you how to talk about abortion with care and intention. With the Heart-to-Heart Card Decks and Conversation Guides, you’ll learn how a simple conversation can reduce the stigma around abortion.

Get Started with Our Heart-to-Heart Conversation Kits

Resources for having a Heart-to-Heart:

Heart-to-Heart Card Decks

These are the talking points you need to start conversations and keep them on track. Order your deck of conversation cards or Draw a Card from our randomized online deck.

Spanish Version here.

Heart-to-Heart Individual or Small Group Conversation Guides

Decide who you want to talk to and pick the guide that fits your goal.

Heart-to-Heart Menu & Placemat

Our Heart-to-Heart Menus and Placemats lead you through the steps to a one-on-one conversation. Print them out, color them in, and use them to prepare!

See Heart-to-Heart Toolkits in Action!

Check out Heart-to-Hearts, Black & Bold.

Black Reproductive Justice Leaders used Heart-to-Hearts to build bases in their communities and foster positive cultural shifts.

Read Black & Bold Heart to Heart Responses!
Three feminine-presenting people hold each tightly in a group hug.