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Today, We’re Calling for Abortion Liberation

We knew this day was coming. Abortion access has been systematically under attack in this country for decades. As anti-abortion politicians and groups continue to advance cruel and unprecedented policies that push abortion care further out of reach, we must do more than just maintain federal legality. The constitutional protections set in Roe have never been enough to guarantee access to care, especially for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, and people working to make ends meet. This moment demands that we all raise our voices and fight for a future in which abortion is affordable and available in every community, with identity-affirming care, from trusted providers. That’s why NNAF is proud to join a coalition of 117 organizations across the U.S. fighting to Liberate Abortion.

‘Liberate abortion’ is a call for freedom, justice, and abortion access. Together we are working to expand power, grow compassion, provide education, and build a groundswell of support for abortion access across the United States. 

Today, there are groups in Mississippi, Washington D.C., and all across the nation rallying for abortion liberation. Right now, I’m in our nation’s capital, representing NNAF and speaking truth to power. 

Join us, and our partners, as we work together to #LiberateAbortion everywhere and uplift a visionary future for abortion access for all. Follow this campaign on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

You can watch the live stream of the rally in Washington, D.C.

Support Funds Today: 

You probably saw our Giving Tuesday email yesterday. One of the most pivotal things you can do at this moment is to support abortion funds. Abortion funds providing funding, travel, lodging, and other wrap-around supports are and will continue to be the last line of defense in ensuring that people, especially those living in states hostile to abortion, can access the care they need. 

When we fund abortion, we honor the bodily autonomy of our community members, and we expand abortion access for all of us. 

Right now, funds in Mississippi and funds across the network are being stretched to the limit as they work around the clock to provide compassionate assistance to those in need. Show them support today.

In solidarity,

Debasri Ghosh
Managing Director
National Network of Abortion Funds