Spring 2024 Campaign - National Network of Abortion Funds
Fund-a-Thon season is here! Visit the Fund-a-Thon page and learn how to support the abortion fund in your area.

Spring 2024 Campaign

What We Water, Grows

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At the National Network of Abortion Funds, we’ve been planting seeds for decades.

There are over 100 autonomous abortion funds in our network now. Their roots spread across the United States and into Mexico and Europe.

Your gift today nurtures a future planted and cared for by abortion funds.

Will you join us in the garden this summer?

Donate Today!

Take Action for Abortion Justice!

During the month of June, we’re running a “Sowing Seeds” challenge. Sign up below to receive one action to take for abortion justice per week via email. This series will only run in June, so sign up now!

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