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How to Find the Right Fund for You

Individual abortion funds operate differently and provide various kinds of support. Use the search filter on this page to identify the abortion fund that can help you or the folks in your community.

  • Work Directly with Abortion Seekers

    Some abortion funds receive funding requests from abortion clinics. Others work directly with abortion seekers.

  • Financial Support

    Financial support helps people pay for their abortion procedure. This money isn’t a loan and doesn’t need to be repaid.

  • Logistical Support

    People seeking abortions can face more than one barrier. Logistical support can help with travel, translation services, doulas, childcare, and more.

  • Available Funding

    Demand for support is high. Sometimes funds can’t support all the people who need abortions. "Open" means there is support available. "Paused" means there is no available support. A fund’s status often changes. Always double-check.

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A lawyer and their young client stand together in what looks like a courtroom; the lawyer’s arm is around the young client’s shoulders. Both are wearing suit jackets - the lawyer has very light brown skin, long dark hair, and yellow glasses. The client’s long red hair is in a braid over her shoulder. Under the client’s arm is a folder that reads: Petition for judicial bypass.

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