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Abortion Care for Tennessee


Supporting people in Tennessee.


Abortion Care for Tennessee does not fund patients directly at this time. We make funds available to select clinics through block grants each quarter. Make an appointment at a clinic for your abortion before searching for funding. Once you have an appointment at a clinic for an abortion, notify the clinic that you need financial assistance. Oftentimes, clinics have multiple options for providing assistance and we are just one of those options. It is likely that the entire cost of your procedure cannot be funded so be prepared to share how much you can cover on your own. Always check your insurance to see if abortion is a covered benefit and if so, ask for an in-network clinic. Visit abortioncaretn.org/resources to learn more about resources available to those seeking abortions.

About Abortion Care for Tennessee

ACT Fund builds power for Tennesseans by working to remove barriers and increase access to reproductive and sexual health care including safe abortion care for all people. Abortion Care for Tennessee registered 501(c)(3) not for profit organization that relies on individual donations and grants in order to provide funding for patient financial assistance to clinics in Tennessee. Consider donating today to help fund abortion access for individuals.

Abortion Care for Tennessee's Community

ACT is a statewide Reproductive Justice organization, primarily funding abortion in three major cities: Nashville, Knoxville and Memphis.

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