Chicago Abortion Fund

333 W. North Ave. Ste. 267, Chicago, IL 60610

Types of Support

  • Financial Assistance


If you are in the second trimester of your pregnancy and you are having your abortion in Illinois, you may be able to get help from the Chicago Abortion Fund. Call the phone line and listen for detailed instructions on how to apply for funding.

About Chicago Abortion Fund

The Chicago Abortion Fund was founded in October 1985 by health care providers and members of Chicagos pro-choice community to help low-income women gain access to safe, affordable abortion services. The Chicago Abortion Fund’s primary focus is on helping women in their second trimester, but they provide information and referrals to safe clinics to any woman who need them.

The Chicago Abortion Fund is committed to helping all women attain reproductive freedom, whether they decide to terminate a pregnancy or carry the pregnancy to term.

Chicago Abortion Fund's Community

Last year, the Chicago Abortion Fund helped 183 women and girls who otherwise could not have afforded an abortion.

In addition to direct financial services, the Chicago Abortion Fund has a range of unique programs, including a leadership group made up of women who have received funding from the fund. With a YouTube channel and a blog, the women of this leadership group hope that no one will need to wonder where the women who have had abortions are: they are right here!

Get Involved

Later abortions are significantly more expensive and more difficult to obtain than first-trimester abortions, and often involve added travel and hotel costs. This is why a critical resource like the Chicago Abortion Fund is so important.

Donate to the Chicago Abortion Fund and begin making a difference in your community today! To learn more about the Chicago Abortion Fund’s mission and programming and find out how to join the community, go to their website. Giving is easy, thru __Pay Pal__ or by sending a check to CAF at their listed address.

And to keep up with the conversation online, join the Chicago Abortion Fund community on Facebook and Twitter for updates, insights, and the latest news!

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