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deProsse Access Fund of the Emma Goldman Clinic


Supporting people in Iowa.


If you have an appointment for an abortion at the Emma Goldman Clinic in Iowa City, the deProsse Access Fund can help you pay for your procedure. Ask about the deProsse Access Fund when you make your appointment.

About deProsse Access Fund of the Emma Goldman Clinic

The Emma Goldman Clinic is a not-for-profit independent organization founded in 1973 by a group of women driven by feminist ideals. We exist to empower people of all gender and sexual identities in all life stages through the provision of quality reproductive health care that includes abortion services, gynecology services, safer sex promotion, and active education. We promote respectful, client-centered and participatory health care through informed decision making, client rights, advocacy and expansion, and support of pregnancy choices.

We strive to provide an environment in which diversity is acknowledged and celebrated. We are actively committed to staff diversity in employment policies and practices. We strive to increase economic, geographic, structural, and language accessibility for the clients we serve through fundraising, outreach, and advocacy.

We offer non-judgmental, quality health care services. Our goals are inspired by our belief in the larger ideals of feminist philosophy: political, economic, and social equality.

The Emma Goldman Clinic recognizes that for many people access to safe, quality healthcare is hindered by a multitude of factors, and has established the deProsse Access Fund to help ensure that everyone can get the care they need.

deProsse Access Fund of the Emma Goldman Clinic's Community

The Emma Goldman Clinic served 1,160 community members and subsidized $65,253 last year. In addition to a sliding fee scale for economically vulnerable individuals, the Emma Goldman Clinic offers free pregnancy testing and options counseling as well as discounted services for students and teens.

Get Involved

Donate online to the deProsse Access Fund and start making a difference in your community today. You can also request a speaker from the Emma Goldman Clinic, order a t-shirt, download a volunteer application, or find out about upcoming events by going to their website or sending an email to

And to keep up with the conversation online, join the Emma Goldman Clinic community on Facebook for updates, insights, and the latest news!

Contact Info:

This Fund Can Provide:

  • Caller Follow Up
  • Contraception & Reproductive Healthcare
  • Doula Support
  • Financial Support
  • Insurance Advocacy/Education
  • Judicial Bypass Support
  • Logistical Support
  • Sex Education
  • Trans Health Support
  • Works Directly with Abortion Seekers
  • Youth Engagement