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Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund


Supporting people in Massachusetts.


The Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund (EMA Fund) provides assistance to people who live in or are coming to Eastern Massachusetts for an abortion. It is recommended that you have made an appointment for your abortion before calling the EMA Fund.

To contact us for funding, please call or text our hotline at 866-475-0293 and leave a message with the details requested (first name, number of weeks pregnant, appointment date and location, and whether it is OK for us to leave a message when we call back). All calls to our hotline go to voicemail and are then returned by one of our case managers. We will call you back within 48 hours, and often sooner. Please note that all calls are returned from a blocked number.

You can leave a message in any language and we will work with you in your language. The EMA Fund has access to an interpretation service which allows us to communicate in over 240 languages.

You can also use our Google Form to request support instead of calling or texting.

About Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund

The EMA Fund was established in 1999 to help people access abortions. Access to abortion is a matter of social justice, reproductive justice, economic justice, fairness, and human rights.

The EMA Fund has worked with thousands of callers to provide grants, logistical support, and advice for raising funds for an abortion. We also provide callers with information about obtaining health insurance (and coverage for abortion care) through Massachusetts’ public health insurance, MassHealth. Additionally, we sometimes help callers negotiate with their private insurance providers to ensure confidential coverage.

The EMA Fund envisions a world where every person has the right to bodily self-determination, including the means to access an abortion or carry a pregnancy to term without social or economic barriers. We envision a world where every person has the right to determine their own future.

Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund's Community

The Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund is committed to assisting marginalized persons get abortion care, including non-citizens, young people, people with limited English proficiency, gender-variant people, and people of all abilities. The Fund provides other practical assistance to people who need more than just financial help.

Get Involved

**Note: Please do not call our hotline if you are not seeking funds for a procedure or practical support. All media, volunteer, and donation related inquiries should be emailed to us at info@emafund.org.**

We appreciate anyone who wants to volunteer their time and capacity to the EMA Fund. We are currently working to develop a more comprehensive and informed volunteer education, but in the meantime, anyone who is interested in getting involved with the EMA Fund can fill out a form on our website to be connected to our volunteer community. The EMA Fund’s active board recruits new members regularly. If you are interested in learning more about joining the board, please email info@emafund.org. To start making a difference in your community today, please consider making a donation to the Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund.

Contact Info:

This Fund Can Provide:

  • Caller Follow Up
  • Contraception & Reproductive Healthcare
  • Financial Support
  • Insurance Advocacy/Education
  • Logistical Support
  • Post-abortion Support Group
  • Works Directly with Abortion Seekers