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Fund Texas Choice


Supporting people in Texas.


Fund Texas Choice has resumed helping Texans travel legally and out of state as of March 2023, despite being forced to temporarily pause its practical support operations in the wake of the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health.

If you are a resident of Texas and need help getting to an abortion clinic, this fund may be able to help you pay for transportation, a hotel room, meals, childcare, and other expenses if you need to stay overnight for your abortion procedure. This fund does not pay for the abortion procedure but can help refer you to other abortion funds and resources.

To get help from this fund, call (512) 900-8908 and leave a detailed message in English or Spanish with your name, date, location of your out-of-state appointment, and your zip code.  If Fund Texas Choice is able to assist with your travel, they will return your call within 3 business days. Please visit their Get Help page for additional information on the funding process and what you can expect on your trip. Travel planning support is available in both English and Spanish. 

About Fund Texas Choice

Fund Texas Choice was formed in response to Texas House Bill 2, a 2013 state bill explicitly aimed at closing abortion clinics. HB2 closed nearly 75% of over 40 Texan clinics in 2013 and 2014. The closures were primarily in rural and low-income areas of the state, necessitating cost-prohibitive, time-wasting, and geographically-difficult travel for groups already facing financial obstacles to abortion.

Given the strength of Texas abortion funds that pay for the procedure, Fund Texas Choice fills a different niche by providing transportation and accommodation to abortion seekers, especially as restrictive anti-abortion laws like SB8 and the trigger ban have completely eliminated access to in-state care. 

In a post-Dobbs landscape, practical support funds, like Fund Texas Choice, are uniquely positioned to lead in this moment. For a decade, Fund Texas Choice has shown up for Texans impacted by economic and logistical barriers to abortion and continues to rally against draconian abortion bans that make abortion inaccessible, unattainable, and unaffordable.

Fund Texas Choice's Community

Fund Texas Choice is a mighty team of paid staff members and volunteer board members that works closely with the network of abortion funds in Texas to help ensure that anyone who needs an abortion will be able to reach a clinic in a state where abortion is less restricted. Fund Texas Choice is committed to working to make the world a better place – a place in which abortion is safe, legal, and accessible for everyone.

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