Duluth, MN


If you are having an abortion at The Womens Health Center ( in Duluth, Minnesota, the HOTDISH Militia may be able to help you with a grant of $50-$100, depending on how much money is available at the time you call. (HOTDISH stands for Hand Over The Decision–It Should be Hers.) Funds are for patients of The Womens Health Center.

For more information or for a fund application, call the Womens Health Center at the number listed above, and ask for the HOTDISH Militia abortion fund.

About HOTDISH Militia

HOTDISH stands for “Hand Over The Decision‹It Should be Hers,” and was founded in 2003 to ensure reproductive justice for all women and young people in the Northland. HOTDISH Militia is a grassroots organization working to address the sexual and reproductive health needs of women and queer young people in their communities and to improve access to abortion care. We raise money locally, and use it locally. That is why funds are only available to patients.

HOTDISH Militia's Community

In addition to abortion funding, the HOTDISH Militia combats the reproductive injustices faced by female identified and queer youth through The RISE Initiative, which is focused on bringing young peoples voices to the reproductive health and justice table. The Militia is also a part of the Spoke N Heart Bike Collective, a group of self-identified women who organize bike tours with a focus on social justice issues, and is developing new projects in partnership with The Rainbow Health Initiative, The Duluth YWCA, and The White House Project. Stay tuned!

Get Involved

You can get updates from the HOTDISH Militia and find out about events by sending an email to [email protected], or joining their online community on Facebook.