Just the Pill – National Network of Abortion Funds
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Just the Pill


Supporting people in Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming.


Book an appointment with our licensed clinicians.

We do not require in-office visits, so you can book your appointment by phone or computer, whichever is more convenient for your sexual and reproductive healthcare needs. Depending on your state, you can choose to receive your medication by mail or pick up at our mobile clinics.

We’re here to support you. We consider compassion and respect to be the cornerstones of our work.

About Just the Pill

We are committed to expanding access to medication abortion and other vital health services in underserved communities. We recognize each pregnant person’s fundamental right to make decisions about when and if they will have children. We respect the diversity of the pregnant person’s experience, knowing that at different moments in our lives our decisions about pregnancy might have different outcomes.

Our right to reproductive and sexual healthcare must include access to abortion, contraception, STI prevention and treatment, gender affirming care, fertility support, birthing support, and support for our ability to raise children in healthy and supported environments.

We know that we have an opportunity to learn from our patients, our staff and the communities that we serve. We are committed to growing and changing our services to meet these needs.

Contact Info:

This Fund Can Provide:

  • Caller Follow Up
  • Contraception & Reproductive Healthcare
  • Financial Support
  • Judicial Bypass Support
  • Logistical Support
  • Works Directly with Abortion Seekers