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Kansas Abortion Fund


Supporting people in Kansas.


Are you a Kansas resident needing help accessing abortion care? Do you need to travel outside the state to obtain an abortion? The Kansas Abortion Fund helps all qualifying Kansas residents, whether you seek services at one of the four clinics providing abortion care in Kansas, or in another state. To start the process, simply discuss your needs with the clinic of your choice and they will reach out to us. You can find a list of Kansas abortion clinics and clinics near Kansas on our website.

About Kansas Abortion Fund

Our mission is to assist all Kansans in need of financial support to obtain abortion services. In 1996, a handful of friends started a phone tree to help provide information and financial assistance to people in the community who were in need of abortion services. As word spread, the fund grew to became a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

We are now an affiliate of NNAF, the National Network of Abortion Funds, a dynamic network of grassroots abortion funds raising money to ensure that all people can receive the abortion care they seek.

In 2019, we changed our name from the Peggy Bowman Second Chance Fund to the Kansas Abortion Fund in order to be more clear about our mission to fund and normalize abortion. We continue to be an all-volunteer board of directors and have never turned down a qualifying person in need. We have assisted over 4,600 people since the year 2000.

Kansas Abortion Fund's Community

In addition to funding abortion, the Kansas Abortion Fund advocates for equitable health policies. We’ve provided testimony at our state Capitol and work with coalition groups to expand reproductive rights in Kansas. Covid-19 caused us to cancel in-person fundraising events in 2020, but we eagerly look forward to resuming community activities when it is safe to do so–hopefully in 2021.

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Donate online to the Kansas Abortion Fund and start making a difference in your community today. To sign up for the newsletter or find out about volunteer opportunities and upcoming events, visit the website our website.

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