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Procedure and Travel Help (PATH) Fund


Supporting people in Washington.


Formerly known as the Women in Need Fund, the PATH Fund can help pay for your abortion, travel costs, meals, and incidentals if you are going to the Cedar River Clinic in Renton, Tacoma, or Yakima. Ask about the PATH Fund when you call for an appointment.

About Procedure and Travel Help (PATH) Fund

The Feminist Women’s Health Center, a non-profit organization founded in 1979 that operates the Cedar River Clinics in Renton, Seattle, and Tacoma, Washington, envisions a world where we are all free to make our own decisions regarding our bodies, reproduction, and sexuality

In keeping with our mission, the PATH Fund was established to ensure that all who seek services at the Cedar River Clinics can fulfill their own unique potential and lead healthy, whole lives.

Procedure and Travel Help (PATH) Fund's Community

Last year, the PATH Fund helped 417 women who otherwise could not have paid for their abortions.

The Cedar River Clinics websites (listed below) offer a wealth of information for people who want to find a clinic, understand what to expect during their abortion experiences, learn about reproductive health in general, or take action politically to ensure access to reproductive health services.

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  • Works Directly with Abortion Seekers