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Reclaim MI Win Fund


Supporting people in Michigan.


Instructions (for callers): Reclaim’s MI WIN Fund is a clinic-based fund providing small pledges toward the cost of procedures scheduled with Northland Family Planning Centers located in Southeast Michigan. To qualify for MI WIN funding, please schedule an appointment with Northland Family Planning Centers at 1-800-447-7354. Once your appointment is scheduled, please complete the short form at and we will continue with the intake process. We do not have enough funding to assist everyone. Average pledges are $25-$100.

About Reclaim MI Win Fund

The MI WIN Fund opened in 2015 as a program of Reclaim, an abortion forward non-profit organization serving Southeast Michigan. Reclaim’s Mission is to fuel individuals and communities to RECLAIM their dignity around, confidence in and support of abortion and reproductive rights. Reclaim engages in advocacy and public education to provide accurate and thoughtful information on reproductive health in culture and society. We envision a world in which we all have bodily autonomy and are free to express our reproductive health care view without consequence.

Reclaim MI Win Fund's Community

With abortion restrictions sweeping the country, Reclaim is committed to helping pregnant people in Michigan overcome barriers to abortion care including advocacy, public education, and abortion funding. The MI WIN Fund is the only abortion fund serving Southeast Michigan.

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MI WIN is taking on abortion barriers in Michigan. Your donations help pregnant people access the healthcare they need.  MI WIN is the ONLY abortion fund in SE Michigan (and one of only two local abortion funds operating in the state of Michigan). Pregnant people in (or traveling to) Michigan for abortion care have limited options when it comes to affording their procedures. They gather all the money they can muster to travel to and afford the procedure, that they often go without the basic needs like food, lodging and aftercare medication. MI WIN needs your support to continue funding abortion.

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This Fund Can Provide:

  • Financial Support
  • Logistical Support
  • Works Directly with Abortion Seekers