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About The Bridge Collective

Our mission is to provide practical, responsive support for abortion services and reproductive healthcare resources for Central Texans. Our skilled volunteers provide transportation and accommodation for people seeking abortions and deliver reproductive health resources in the Central Texas area. By mobilizing the power of volunteers, we strive to bridge the gap to ensure that all Central Texans have equal access to abortion care. The Bridge Collective was founded in 2012 as a full spectrum doula collective. Our founders provided doula support for “all bodies, all choices”. As Texas passed more and more abortion restrictions, the Bridge Collective shifted from abortion doula support to practical support. What hasn’t changed is our dedication to providing compassionate support to Central Texans seeking reproductive healthcare and abortion.

The Bridge Collective's Community

Founded in 2012 in Austin, The Bridge Collective is proud to be part of the Texas reproductive justice community. TBC is a member of NNAF and Texas Abortion Funds group. We work closely with other Texas abortion support organizations to support clients and build community.

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The Bridge Collective is an all-volunteer organization. Join us by becoming a Volunteer Driver, Client Intake Coordinator or Core Member.

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This Fund Can Provide:

  • Contraception & Reproductive Healthcare
  • Emergency Contraception + Pregnancy Tests
  • Works Directly with Abortion Seekers