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The REACH Fund of Connecticut


Supporting people in Connecticut.


The REACH Fund of Connecticut does not make direct grants to individuals.  Instead, we work directly with abortion clinics in CT to provide financial assistance for patients who cannot afford the entire cost of their abortion.  REACH is a funding source that clinics can turn to when a patient needs help paying for their abortion.  The provider applies REACH funding to the patient’s abortion cost, and then bills REACH directly for the financial assistance.

Make an appointment with one of the providers that has a funding agreement with us:
Planned Parenthood of Southern New England (CT Locations) – 800-230-7526
Hartford GYN Center – 860-525-1900
Abortion on Demand (telehealth)
Carafem (telehealth)

The provider will work with you to determine if you have insurance coverage for your abortion.  If you are eligible for CT Medicaid (HUSKY), the provider will help you enroll. NOTE: HUSKY covers abortion 100% at PPSNE and Hartford GYN Center, but Abortion on Demand and carafem do not accept insurance or Medicaid.

If you cannot afford the whole out-of-pocket cost of the abortion, the provider can apply REACH funds (subject to availability) to lower that cost.
The provider will bill REACH directly for our share of your abortion.

About The REACH Fund of Connecticut

The REACH Fund of Connecticut (Reproductive Equity, Access & CHoice) was founded in 2021 by a group of individuals who believe that healthcare is a human right and abortion is an essential part of healthcare. We are an all-volunteer organization made up of people throughout the state (and beyond!) who work tirelessly to maintain and improve abortion access in Connecticut. Through our own experiences as abortion patients, abortion providers, and abortion advocates, we know that financial barriers are a serious roadblock to abortion access. Local abortion funds are an important part of increasing access to abortion care and promoting reproductive equity, and we are honored to do this important work.

The REACH Fund of Connecticut's Community

Despite Connecticut’s reputation as a wealthy state, nearly 40% of Connecticut households struggle to make ends meet and cannot afford an unexpected expense.  Connecticut has one of the largest wealth gaps in the country and members of marginalized communities are disproportionately affected by poverty and systemic oppression.  While CT is a Medicaid state, there still remain coverage gaps for many patients such as undocumented patients, minors, federal employees, and patients who are under-insured or have high insurance deductibles.  REACH strongly believes that everyone should have the resources they need to maintain their bodily autonomy, and that is why we work to eliminate financial barriers to abortion care.

Get Involved

We are accepting applications for future volunteer opportunities. Due to the nature of our work and the necessity for safety and security for all, we will be requiring references and vetting all applicants before approving them for volunteer opportunities. Fill out an application here.

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