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West Fund


Supporting people in New Mexico, Texas.


West Fund has been forced to pause direct funding of abortion care while we evaluate the impact of the June 2022 Supreme Court decision.


The West Fund provides funding for patients who live in the southwest: El Paso, Texas; Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua; and south/eastern New Mexico. Folks can reach the fund in multiple ways.

English + Spanish hotline: 915-213-4535

Call, and our answering machine asks for specific information for us to know when we call back, including name, number, if it is safe to call, how far along you are, and if/when an appointment is scheduled. Patients can also text the same numbers leaving the same information.

Another option is to fill out our online forms: In English / En Español

Regardless of if you call, text, or fill out the form, a case manager will be call, text, or email (depending on your preferred method of communication) back within 48 hours. There is no specific time you should call, but it is important to note that it could take us up to 48 hours to respond, plus time to figure out how much to pledge, so the patient should give themself enough time before their appointment to talk to us. Patients can find all this information and more at our website.

About West Fund

In the summer of 2013, Texas Governor Rick Perry called a special legislative session with the intention of passing the most restrictive, omnibus abortion bill (HB 2) in the country. Despite a 13 hour filibuster at the capital, dozens of rallies across the state, and over 19,000 activists advocating against the bill, HB 2 was signed into law.

Knowing that this new law would result in the closure of many abortion clinics in the area, a group of students and community activists in El Paso, with the help of national organizations like URGE: Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity and the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF), created the West Fund in November 2013. It is completely grass-roots and all-volunteer run, made up of young people, queer people, and people of color. All of our volunteers and supporters reflect these identities as well.

We know that it is important to have an organization like West Fund because we recognize that many pregnant people in Texas who would choose abortion are unable to because of financial hardship, social pressure, or a lack of local providers. We believe that the right to reproductive choice—and the life a person wants to live—is denied when a pregnant person is unable to access abortion services, so we are dedicated to helping people who want an abortion but do not have enough money to pay for it.

West Fund's Community

We began funding in December 2014. At first, we only funded around 5 people per month, but it has steadily been increasing to 10+ per month.

Our community is very unique. El Paso is on the border of three cities, three states, and two countries, so our culture is heavily influenced by a combination of these things. We have many people crossing different borders every single day, and this can make life more difficult for some people to access different resources. If our last remaining clinic closes, we will be the largest U.S. city without an abortion provider. At the same time, we are the 8th poorest city in the country according to a recent (2015) report, which adds to the experiences many people in this region have.

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This Fund Can Provide:

  • Financial Support
  • Logistical Support
  • Sex Education
  • Works Directly with Abortion Seekers
  • Youth Engagement