The Technical Assistance Team Supports Abortion Funds - National Network of Abortion Funds
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The Technical Assistance Team Supports Funds with Daily Responsibilities.

Abortion funds want folks to be able to make all reproductive decisions, including abortion, in thriving communities that are safe, peaceful, and affordable. 

However, fund leaders have to do more than organize for change. Often, they must also dedicate hours to administrative tasks, such as filing taxes, recruiting board members, maintaining databases, web hosting, retaining legal counsel, and more.

The Technical Assistance (TA) Team can help member abortion funds with these responsibilities. This assistance allows member funds to support people who need to access abortion. 

The T.A. Team offers the following services:

One-to-one coaching
Hiring external consultants
Connecting fund members
Creating trainings, templates, and toolkits

The Technical Assistance Team Connects Funds to a Network Culture.

The T.A. Team supports abortion funds in the ways that make the most sense for each independent fund.

Because the T.A. Team handles daily requests for abortion funds, they can rapidly identify trends throughout the network. Understanding these themes allows the TA Team to tailor the support and resources offered to each fund. 

By following frameworks such as language justice, gender justice and trans liberation, community safety, childcare, and accessibility accommodations, the TA Team creates a culture of exchange and accountability for our member abortion funds. 

This culture contributes to the continuing growth and strength of every abortion fund working with the National Network of Abortion Funds.