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Use this Abortion
& Medicaid Guide to:

  • Find out if Medicaid covers abortion in your state.
  • Check your eligibility for Medicaid. 
  • Get tips for applying when you want or need an abortion.

Which States Allow Medicaid to Cover Abortions?

Medicaid is U.S. government insurance. In 17 states, it covers abortions*. 

If you live in one of the 17 states listed next, Medicaid will help pay for your abortion. 

If your state is on the list, click its name.

Follow the link to your state’s Medicaid website. That site will have specific details about the enrollment process in your state. Before you apply, confirm your eligibility and check if Medicaid can help you. Look at Two Things to Know Before You Apply to Medicaid (next on this page).

*We try to keep this list current, but laws and policies change often. Always check details with your state’s Medicaid office or a local community health center.

Two Things to Know Before You Apply to Medicaid

Check Federal Poverty Guidelines

Medicaid uses these guidelines to determine eligibility. You will only qualify for coverage if your income is within your state’s limit. These guidelines are different in every state. In some cases, pregnant people may have a higher income limit.

Medicaid will not cover you if you travel out of state for your abortion.

Medicaid only covers your abortion if you live in the same state where your abortion takes place.

Applying to Medicaid When You Want an Abortion

Every state’s application process is different. Here are some general tips that can help no matter where you live.

When possible, visit a local Medicaid office to apply. Do this even if your state accepts applications by mail, online, or phone.

It’s best to get to your local enrollment office when it opens. Going early in the day can speed up the process.

You don’t need to tell them you plan to have an abortion.

Proof of identity is not the same as proof of citizenship. That means you’ll need more than a Driver’s License or State Identification Card.

Check the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website for other documents you can use to prove citizenship.

If you qualify for Medicaid, you have the right to enroll and receive coverage.

If your state doesn’t allow Medicaid to cover abortions, you still have options.

Abortion funds can help. Visit Need an Abortion for more information.

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