Tips for Contacting an Abortion Fund - National Network of Abortion Funds

Abortion funds are often run by volunteers or have limited staff.

While some funds can answer your call immediately, others rely on a voicemail system. If there’s a website listed, read the contact instructions and review these tips before you call.

Important Tips When Calling:

  • Make an appointment with a clinic before calling an abortion fund. After you have an appointment with a clinic, contact a fund close to your home. Or, if you need to travel for your abortion, contact a fund near your clinic.
  • Be prepared to leave a detailed message with all the information the fund requests.
  • In your message, tell the fund they can leave you a voicemail if you’re unavailable. Only do this if you can safely receive a voicemail about abortion. 
  • Understand that it may take 24-48 hours for them to return your call.

If you haven’t heard back after 48 hours, do the following:

Check that you provided the correct phone number.

Ensure your phone can receive calls from unknown or restricted numbers.

If you answer “no” to either of these questions, you may need to call your abortion fund again.

Before you call again, change the settings on your phone to allow calls from unknown numbers.