Midwest Access Coalition - National Network of Abortion Funds
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Midwest Access Coalition


Supporting people in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin.


Are you traveling to, from, or within the Midwest to get an abortion? MAC can help you navigate this journey. Call or text MAC’s hotline at 847-750-6224 to gain funding for the logistical aspects of your abortion — we’re here to cover travel costs, childcare, lodging, meals and more. MAC does not turn away clients because of age, income, insurance, or immigration status.

Our volunteer-operated hotline is open 8am – 5pm Monday through Friday. You may also contact MAC at support@midwestaccesscoalition.org.

About Midwest Access Coalition

Founded in 2015, MAC assists hundreds of people access abortion care every year. We offer judgement-free support, resources, and referrals.

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This Fund Can Provide:

  • Caller Follow Up
  • Contraception & Reproductive Healthcare
  • Insurance Advocacy/Education
  • Works Directly with Abortion Seekers