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Connect with the abortion justice movement and local abortion funds. Discover fundraising campaigns and local events. Become an individual member with the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF).

Our Campaigns

NNAF’s campaigns raise money and awareness for abortion funds and the abortion justice movement. 

Join a campaign. Build collective power.

Fund-a-Thon happens nationwide every spring and includes local, virtual, and hybrid events. These events are a fun way for community members (like you!) to come together and raise money for abortion funds!

Prove donations can make a BIG impact!

Join the next Fund-a-Thon!

Join us this September for the 2024 Taco or Bev Challenge! It’s an easy way to raise money for abortion funds. Many funds host events during the challenge, but you don’t have to leave your house to join the fun.

Eat tacos, drink bevs, fund abortion!

Take the Taco or Bev Challenge!

Heart-to-Heart conversations can happen year-round. Our Heart-to-Heart Toolkits teach you how to talk about abortion with care and intention. Learn the skills you need and turn conversations into tools for change.

Learn how talking breaks down abortion stigma.

Pledge to have a Heart-to-Heart!

The Hyde Amendment excludes most abortions from government insurance coverage. Until Hyde is repealed, take back tax day by donating your refund to an abortion fund.

Learn More About the Hyde Amendment.

Celebrate Tax Day with NNAF!

Movement Partner Campaigns

NNAF supports our Movement Partners with their annual campaigns. Learn about the Abortion Care Network’s Abortion Provider Appreciation Day (APAD) and Forward Together’s Mamas Day.

Abortion Provider Appreciation Day (APAD)

Independent abortion providers perform most abortions in the U.S. Their work rarely has enough visibility or resources. That’s one of many reasons the Abortion Care Network (ACN) celebrates abortion care providers every year. #CelebrateAbortionProviders with ACN. Learn about the history of APAD and upcoming events.

Learn About APAD

Mamas Day

Mamas Day is an annual project of Forward Together. Since 2011, this event has used art to expand the cultural idea of motherhood. Instead of the narrow pictures of family usually seen on traditional Mother’s Day, the art created for Mamas Day highlights the expansiveness of “mama-hood.” Learn more about Mamas Day.

Learn About Mamas Day

Connect with Local Funds

Abortion funds are local organizations that directly support abortion seekers in their communities. Even with decades of experience, abortion funds need support from people who care about abortion justice. 

You can search for funds near you on the NNAF Find a Fund page. Then, connect with those local funds and learn how you can support them.*

*Use a fund’s general email or contact form for volunteering or donation questions. Don’t use their intake form or hotline. Those resources are saved for abortion seekers. 

Volunteer with your local abortion fund.

Local Fund Events

Local abortion funds host their own events to raise money and build power for abortion justice. After locating an abortion fund near you, connect and ask about upcoming and recurring events.

Find Your Local Abortion Fund
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Become an Individual Member

Become an individual NNAF member and gain access to ongoing training series, “anchor” with a local abortion fund, and join a community of pro-abortion advocates and activists.

Add momentum to the fight for abortion justice.

Ways to Give

Curious about other ways to support abortion funds? Visit Ways to Give and our Donation pages to find more donation, volunteer, and fundraising opportunities.