Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire

Concord, New Hampshire, USA

Types of Support

  • Financial Assistance
  • Lodging
  • Transportation


RFFNH is not currently providing direct funding. We still need help meeting our start up goal in order to launch and help fund abortion services for Granite Staters.

About Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire

The Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire is committed to serving and supporting our community, especially those most marginalized, in the form of providing financial support for abortion services. We strive for affordable, safe, and accessible reproductive health resources for everyone in the Granite State. ​We provide funding directly to individuals who need help meeting the cost of their medical or surgical abortion. Assistance is provided for confirmed appointments with any of New Hampshire’s abortion providers. The Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire (RFFNH) was founded in 2019 to meet the need in New Hampshire for an accessible source of financial aid for abortions. Hundreds of people seek abortions in New Hampshire every year, and until RFFNH, there was no verified local source of assistance. RFFNH recognizes that reproductive justice is not a singular issue, but one that is multi-faceted and comprehensive. We envision and strive towards a world in which members of all communities feel empowered to make autonomous, informed, and safe decisions regarding their reproductive systems.

Reproductive Freedom Fund of New Hampshire's Community

We are a group of six volunteers who bring a variety of backgrounds, skills, and ideas to this work. We are dedicated to the cause and honored to volunteer our time. We are an independent abortion fund working closely with local abortion providers to ensure Granite Staters can access compassionate abortion care in New Hampshire.

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Each donation gets us closer to helping one more person exercise their right to reproductive healthcare. Help us reach our start up goal of $20,000 by making a donation today!

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