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This guide provides resources for people seeking abortions and answers common questions about abortion funds.

Common Questions About Abortion

Every clinic is different, and finding one you trust can be challenging.

Visit I Need an A to find an abortion clinic. This outside resource will provide you with a list of abortion clinics and answer your biggest questions about arranging your abortion.

Visit Find a Clinic You Can Trust to read our advice for finding a good provider.

Yes. Make an appointment before you have all the money you need.

Some funds require the clinic’s name and the cost of the abortion before they can assist with funding. The clinic can check if your health insurance or Medicaid covers abortion. And they can determine if you qualify for a discount.

The clinic may also connect you with organizations, including abortion funds, to help you pay for the abortion. Because most abortion funds work with clinics, they can help even if your appointment is just a day away.*

*If you still need to raise a large amount of money at the time of your appointment, reschedule. The clinic won’t charge you.

There are two common and safe ways to end a pregnancy. One way is by taking pills (a medication abortion). The other is when a healthcare professional uses suction to remove the contents of your uterus (an in-clinic abortion).

For details, we recommend visiting The Abortion Procedure: What to Expect. This resource will explain what happens during both kinds of abortions.

Self-managed abortion (SMA) is when a person ends their pregnancy outside the formal medical system. Many people use the phrase “at-home abortion,” but that is not exactly right. Even when someone gets abortion pills from a healthcare provider, they’re still having the abortion at home. An abortion is “self-managed” when someone does not get pills or medical care from a doctor or other healthcare provider licensed in the U.S.

Learn more about self-managed abortion. Visit Self-Managed Abortion (SMA).

If you want to talk about a past or current experience with abortion, call the All-Options Talkline at 1-888-493-0092.

Call this number from anywhere in the United States or Canada. The people there are trained in discussing abortion, adoption, parenting, infertility, and pregnancy loss.

The All-Options Talkline is also a good choice if you are pregnant and unsure how to feel or what to do next.

Call 1-888-493-0092 from anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Common Questions About Abortion Funds

An abortion fund is an independent, grassroots organization that will help you get the abortion you want. Some funds offer logistical support. This type of support helps with practical needs like travel, lodging, childcare, abortion doulas, translation services, and more. Other funds provide financial assistance and help cover the cost of abortion procedures. Many abortion funds also work to change laws that restrict access to abortion.

Read Fast Facts About Abortion Funds.

Join the Fight for Abortion Justice: Become an Individual Member.

Abortion funds are experts in helping people overcome the obstacles between them and the abortion they want and need. Many funds work directly with abortion seekers and take calls from people who need help paying for an abortion. Other funds work with clinics and only accept calls from clinic staff.

Some funds provide financial assistance (help with the cost of abortions). Others offer logistical support (arranging things like transportation and childcare).

Every fund is different, but each works to make abortion more accessible and affordable.

Visit Find an Abortion Fund. Learn more about the various kinds of support provided by different funds. Use the search filter to find the abortion fund that can help you or the folks in your community.

Absolutely. Many people get help from more than one fund at a time. Contact every abortion fund that shows up in your search results.

If there’s only one fund on your list, that fund can still lead to more help. They may connect you to other funds around the country or help you get a discount from your clinic.

Visit Find a Fund.

Every fund has a different amount of money and different requirements for eligibility.

The best thing to do is search for your local fund. Then read their guidelines for eligibility and contact the fund to confirm their requirements.

Discover other options for financial help.

Extra Financial Assistance

Learn if government insurance covers abortion in your state.

Abortion & Medicaid

Yes. Abortion funds work together to ensure you get the most support possible. If you need to travel and your local fund can’t help, they will try to connect you to a different fund that can.

Yes. You can get support. Abortion funds don’t check for immigration status or proof of citizenship.

Abortion funds believe everyone has the right to all their reproductive options, no matter their documentation status.

Individual abortion funds often can’t afford to pay for the whole cost of your abortion. Still, your local fund will give you as much help as possible.

Because abortion funds work together, they will also try to arrange a clinic discount or connect you with other resources.

All abortion funds get money from individuals and organizations who care about abortion access.

Learn More About Abortion Funds.

Visit Fast Facts About Abortion Funds

Sometimes the need for funding is so great that your abortion fund can run out of money.

If your local fund is out of money, follow these steps:

  • Add up how much you can afford to pay on your own.
  • Contact your abortion fund. Ask if they will have more funding soon.*
  • Search for other abortion funds in your area.
  • Find an abortion clinic and ask if you qualify for a discount. Visit I Need an A.
  • Do you have insurance? Check if they cover abortion.
  • Look into Medicaid coverage for your abortion. Visit Abortion & Medicaid.
  • Visit Extra Financial Assistance for other financial resources.

*Don’t wait too long for more funding. The cost of your abortion may go up as you wait.