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State Legislative Updates

In the spring of 2021, the Supreme Court announced its decision to review a case that directly challenges 50 years of SCOTUS precedent, stemming back to Roe v. Wade.

If SCOTUS breaks with long standing precedent and guts or eliminates Roe, roughly half of US states could lose access to legal abortion via threats such as “trigger bans” and pre-viabilty bans. Such a landscape would heighten the importance of state policies on medication abortion, self-managed abortion, and other abortion access issues. Check out the tools below to track 2022 state legislative updates on these specific issues throughout the US.

These maps provide basic information on anti-abortion bills being introduced across the nation. If you have questions or suggestions for our Policy Team, please contact us.

This map shows bills introduced during the 2022 legislative cycle concerning trigger bans, pre-viability bans, self-managed abortion, medication abortion, and TX SB8 copycat bills.

Hover over states to see the number of bills introduced. Click on any state to view details on each bill, including the bill number, its status in the legislature, and the date of its last action. Bill statuses are updated automatically.